Post Roads & Iron Horses: Transportation in Connecticut from Colonial Times to the Age of Steam (The Driftless Connecticut Series



“(T)he story isn’t just about the technical side of the transportation evolution in the state. It’s the story of the state itself, involving business, scandal, hard work, danger, and some of the great characters in American history, all of whom were a part of helping develop the intricate systems that put Connecticut residents on the roads and rails.”―Staff, Cheshire Herald

"The fascinating history of our state's turnpikes, steamboats, canals, railroads, and trolleys (is) found in Post Roads & Iron Horses: Transportation in Connecticut from Colonial Times to the Age of Steam by Richard DeLuca. Containing more than 50 historic images and maps, it provides an excellent point of view from which to interpret the history of New England as a whole."―Connecticut Explored

“…a handsome new volume in Wesleyan University Press’s Driftless Connecticut Series.”―Alan Bisbort, Sunday Republican American

“DeLuca’s descriptions of the challenges in building early roads around physical obstacles may pique a reader’s interest in researching local transportation even further. This book, however, is about far more than roads. DeLuca discusses bridges, ferries, stagecoaches and turnpikes, steamships, and trains, and he takes readers on a journey through the historical highways and byways of colonization, industry, and transportation in Connecticut.”―Maine Antiques Digest


“This is the first comprehensive history of the development of transportation in Connecticut, as well as the first major work of each of the fields covered in over a generation. Post Roads & Iron Horses strikes the perfect balance between rich detail and highly readable prose.” (Walter Woodward, Connecticut State Historian)

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