Managing Airports 4th Edition: An international perspective



'Anne Graham’s book should be essential reading for anyone working, analyzing, investing, studying or just generally interested in the airport industry. It is one of the few books dedicated to the topic of airport management at an international level and it manages to capture the key fundamentals of the industry in a clear and concise way. Many of the issues raised in the book are timely, important, challenging and controversial, and Dr. Graham analyses these in detail, providing the essential background and presenting the perspectives of the different players. Managing Airports has become a true classic of the airport industry literature.'- Dr. Rafael Echevarne, Director, Economics and Program Development, ACI World

'Managing Airports’ status as “ the top must read” for airport professionals, academics and researchers remains unaltered, especially with this new fourth edition. There have been significant changes in airport management since 2008, namely, the shifting balance of power towards emerging markets, increasing emphasis on service quality and enhancing the passenger experience and the airport having to cope with more challenging capital market conditions post-2008. All of these pressing issues have been incorporated in this new fourth edition. Readers will especially appreciate new chapters on airport operations and airport service quality which reflects the extent to which a growing number of airport operators have re- focussed in recent years on try to deliver an improved airport experience for their customers.' - Dr. Romano Pagliari

Senior Lecturer, Department of Air Transport, Cranfield University

About the Author

Dr Anne Graham is a Reader in Tourism and Transport at the University of Westminster, UK.

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