Aviation Automation: The Search for A Human-centered Approach (Human Factors in Transportation)

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This book is a comprehensive series of chapters on the numerous aspects of automation in aviation; it provides an overview of the past, present and future, the evolution of automation, the role of human operators in the aviation system and issues for the future. It is essential reading for designers of airborne and air traffic management automated systems.

—Aerospace International...Billings uses an historical approach that makes the book available to a wider audience than just aviation specialists. This approach is to be commended....This book is not for human factors professionals or ergonomists who specialize in aviation; it is more appropriate for specialists in related fields who need to come up to speed quickly on automation problems in air traffic control and cockpits. For such individuals this book, with its background information, is probably the best single reference available.

—ErgonomicsAviation Automation is anenlightened discourse written by one of the foremost authorities on this topic. It is a capable and easily accessed reference work that will likely find a favored place on the bookshelves of human factors practitioners, transportation specialists, and students, among others in the industry.—Transportation Human FactorsThis book brings together in one carefully structured tome the impetus for automation in aviation and the strengths and pitfalls it can confer. Throughout, the book is well illustrated allowing the reader to better understand some of the uses of automation and envisage some of the issues surrounding the importance of a good interface between the human and the automated system....There is probably no other currently available book that captures the impact--both positive and negative--of automation in any one specific domain as well as this book does.—Ergonomics Abstracts

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